2016-2020: Managing Director/Founder of Speedcube.co.nz

At the age of 18, I launched an ecommerce website selling hobbyist gear to the New Zealand market. Having taught myself how to solve a Rubik’s cube, I got into the competitive sport of speedcubing and launched this business as a side hustle to fund travel to international competition.

I grew this business from $0 to $70,000 in annual revenue, personally overseeing every aspect of the business. This venture was sold in early 2020 to allow me to focus on new directions.

Here is me solving a Rubik’s cube in 5.63 seconds

2018 – Present: Independent creative video marketing/film producer.

In late 2018, I had the idea of producing a public transport etiquette marketing video for the local council transport body (ECAN). I approached my friend Richard Townsend, an up-and-coming film director to help create a pitch. We ended up securing a contract to produce the below video, tailored to our client’s needs of a ‘soundless’ video. This video currently has over 260,000 views on our clients facebook page. We have since produced several other videos, demonstrating our high-quality work and creative ability. You can view an example of our work below.

2020-Present: Trust Manager

In 2020, I was recommended to the Baroque Music Trust to help them organise a postgraduate summer school workshop and extensive concert tour. This ambitious project involved 13 musicians, featuring 11 concerts in a mere 16 days, and with a nearly to 6 figure budget.

My role for this included the preparation of an in-depth spreadsheet to evaluate the different aspects of this project, fundraising, organising all the logistics for the 3000km trip, as well performing as a Harpsichordist on the tour.